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My hands are up, please don’t shoot

I had been on my dash and saw someone do something with Sam Wilson as Captain America doing “don’t shoot” for their support to the Ferguson/Mike Brown protests happening and I myself wanted to do something with my own favorite superhero Miles morales to offer support in one of the few ways I can. Might not be the first to do it but that is probably not a bad thing


okay but for real this episode is so important to me because

Dipper loves his sister. I mean, obviously, right? But this episode is ABOUT MABEL, and *Dipper is all about Mabel* this ep. He supports her, he cheers her on, he wants her to WIN, he comforts her, he puts her first! Even when they run into a genuine paranormal event *all he cares about* is how they can *help her win*! Because some mean girl was a butt to his sister, and he wants her to beat them. 

Even better, this is pretty consistent for him. He puts her first- even if sometimes he hesitates, or they clash a little, she MATTERS to him, and he wants her to be happy. And that matters a lot to me because in a lot of fictional siblings hoods, they do that dumb fighty-angry thing, or the sister is kind of just an accessory to the brother. But Dipper is perfectly happy to be kind of a background element to his sister taking the stage sometimes. 

The actual first episode of the *show* was about Dipper and Mabel trusting each other and relying on each other, and clarifying that them working as a team is the most important thing. It forms the core of the show, and It is honestly a big part of why I adore this goofy toon. 

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All of Eddis and the magus’s conversations in King give me strength

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